Run CAD Wrapping

Use the Wrap: CAD Wrap tool to create wrap from selected parts. CAD wrapping keeps the original geometry shape as it is and just fixes areas of issue.

The Wrap tools work for tessellated geometry. If the input is b-spline geometry, first convert to discrete geometry using the Convert tool.

If local and proximity controls are defined, they will override the default settings defined in this tool.

  1. From the Discrete ribbon, click the Wrap > CAD Wrap tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Select parts to wrap.
  3. In the dialog, choose whether to wrap the exterior of your selection or the cavity.
  4. Define any other relevant options.
    Pre cleanup
    Split large elements, perform free edge stitching, and trim overlap connections given a threshold.
    Maximum allowable gap
    Leaks are detected if a gap exceeds the size defined here.
    Baffle removal
    Choose which side(s) of the wrap from which you would like to remove baffles.
    Quality cleanup
    Smooth filled gap patches and cleanup non-manifold edges, free edges, intersections, high aspect ratio elements, and proximity distance after wrapping.
    You can adjust the number of iterations the tool uses to fix errors in the mesh. You should change it between 2-6 based on the complexity of the model.
  5. Select enclosed seed nodes.
  6. Click Run.