Convert Geometry

Use the Convert tool to tessellate b-spline geometry and convert to mixed or discrete geometry.

You can convert to discrete geometry by faceting or remeshing. B-spline geometry will be removed after faceting, and all topology definitions, solids, surfaces, lines, points, IDs, and metadata will be retained. The workflow for discrete geometry will be the same as b-spline geometry. After converting the b-spline model to a discrete model, you will be able to use most tools with the same interactions.

Proper, finer sizes in tessellation will help to capture shape, and operations based on discrete geometry will be more robust.

Note: You can convert to a discrete model even after setup is done. All setup parameters will be retained.

In addition to “Geometry” and “FE Geometry” data types, a “Mixed” data type is also available. When you switch to the “Mixed” data type, you can work both on CAD and elements individually. At the time of validation, HyperWorks CFD converts the model to CAD geometry or FE geometry.

  1. From the Home tools, click the Convert tool.

    Figure 1.
    The Convert dialog opens.
  2. Select which data type you'd like to covert to.
  3. If converting to FE geometry, select a method for meshing unmeshed surfaces and define the relevant parameters.
  4. Click Convert.
    Tessellation is performed on the entire model, so no selection is required.