Generate surface/volume mesh by defining mesh controls, or interactively create and edit 2D surface mesh.

Models can be meshed by defining controls and running batch mesh. You can interactively mesh surfaces in case of failure or specific mesh flow requirements. In addition, individual elements can also be modified manually to fix issues or improve element quality in problem areas.

Attention: The icons shown on the ribbon below are used to complete this workflow. Click an icon to learn more about the tool.
Define Surface Mesh SizeDefine Edge Mesh SizeDefine Gap Based Refinement CriteriaDefine Angle Based Refinement CriteriaDefine Boundary Layer SettingsDefine Volume Mesh Local SettingsCreate Zone MeshDefine Advanced Mesh SettingsCreate Surface Mesh by Defining SizeCreate and Edit Surface Mesh with Further ControlCreate Volume MeshGenerate a Mesh Quality ReportDefine Mesh on Extruded GeometryRepair Surface MeshConvertFix Mesh Quality of Tessellated ModelsDefine Edge Layer Mesh ControlsDefine Surfaces with No Boundary Layer