Repair Surface Mesh

Use the Repair tool to find, review, and fix issues in the mesh.

Before you begin, add surface mesh to the model.
Note: This tool only works on visible surfaces. For better visibility, first isolate surfaces with mesh issues then use this tool. To do that, go to the Mesh ribbon, set the entity selector to Surfaces, then right-click and go to Find and Isolate > Mesh Checks and select the required mesh check option.
  1. From the Mesh ribbon, click the Repair tool.
    Figure 1.

    Note: This tool is also available on the Discrete ribbon for working with FE or mixed geometry.
  2. Optional: Click on the guide bar to update check thresholds.
  3. Optional: Click Find to update the checks.
    Since updates are done automatically, clicking Find is required only if checks are not in sync or visibility has been updated.
  4. Select a check to work on from the first drop-down menu on the guide bar.
  5. Select an option to fix the issues from second drop-down menu.
    This list will change based on the selected check.
  6. Navigate through and review each error.
    1. Increase or decrease the number of layers around patches of failed elements by clicking or on the guide bar.
    2. Review the next or previous patch of failed elements by clicking or on the guide bar.
  7. Define any additional options then fix the errors in the following ways:
    • Hover over a red highlighted error patch and left-click to fix that particular issue using the options defined on the guide bar.
    • Click Fix All on the guide bar to fix all errors at once.
    Note: If any error checks can not be fixed using the options provided in the Surface repair tool, isolate surfaces and visibly review mesh issues.