Remesh Tessellated Models

Use the Remesh to create new surface mesh on converted geometry.

The Remesh tool works for tessellated geometry. If the input is b-spline geometry, first convert to discrete geometry using the Convert tool.

Imported Nastran .stl files can consist of poor-quality mesh. After converting to discrete geometry, it's helpful to remesh the model. The rest of the options used to edit geometry work better on a good quality mesh.
Note: You have the option to retain the surface mesh you create here when performing batch meshing.
  1. From the Discrete ribbon, click the Remesh tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. Select surfaces, parts, or elements to remesh.
  3. Define meshing options in the dialog.
    Mesh size
    Maximum allowable element size.
    Curvature based refinement
    Refine mesh at curvatures and features by lowering mesh size till minimum size. If off, creates constant size mesh defined by Mesh size.
    Minimum size factor
    Minimum allowable element size factor. Calculates minimum size by multiplying mesh size with factor defined here.

    When there are model and local mesh controls for surface deviation, and the minimum size of neighboring mesh controls are different, the minimum size automatically propagates from the smaller mesh size to neighboring surfaces.

    Geometric feature angle
    Determines which features to preserve/refine. The mesher identifies features internally and preserves/refines them based on the defined feature angle.

    Also controls the element size at curve input. The smaller the angle, the more refined curvature will be and the more preserved the input shape will be.

    Figure 2. Angle β is the span angle of the edge ab. The length of ab is less than 2R( sin β/2 ).

    Mesh growth rate
    Determines how rapidly elements can increase in size as they are created further and further away from features.
    Figure 3. Growth Rate. Elements further from the features grow larger with each row.

  4. Click Mesh on the guide bar.
    Figure 4. Input

    Figure 5. Remesh result with feature angle 22.5