Model Build and Assembly

Create, organize and manage parts and subsystems.

Attention: The icons shown on the ribbon below are used to complete this workflow. Click an icon to learn more about the tool.
Use the Bulk tool to load all CAD files in one go, sanitize names, remove small bodies, split parts per body, and save a representation for each part. Use the Representation tool to load and save representations for selected parts. This is useful for storing and retrieving data as required. Collect entities into groups to help with simulation setup and advanced selection. Use the Duplicates tool to locate tiny and duplicate parts in b-spline CAD models. Use the Merge/Split tool to merge parts or split them by connectivity or by face. When performing cleanup or defining simulation parameters, it can be helpful to first find and isolate certain types of geometry. This will give you a better idea of the areas in the model you need to focus on. When you have large CAD models, such as a full vehicle model - it can be difficult to bring the entire model into the session. Use the Part Controls tool to shatter CAD files for each part, allowing you to mesh those parts in batch without bringing them into the session.