Bulk Import

Use the Bulk tool to load all CAD files in one go, sanitize names, remove small bodies, split parts per body, and save a representation for each part.

  1. Put all the CAD files you want to load into one folder.
    These should all have the same CAD file extension.
  2. From the Assembly ribbon, click the Bulk tool.
    Figure 1.

  3. Click Browse and select the folder you just put your CAD files in.
  4. Specify the file extension.
  5. Define any additional options.
    Sanitize part names
    Removes special characters from part names. This is important for saving parts files as representations, and it is recommended you keep it on.
    Remove small bodies
    Removes any bodies with bounding box smaller than the defined dimensions. It is recommended you keep it on.
    Split part per body
    If a part contains more than one body, it creates a part per body so each part has just one body. It is recommend to turn on if CAD is organized in a way that all bodies are under a part.
    Save part representation
    Saves an hm file per part so you can load these parts easily. It is recommended you keep it on.
  6. Click Bulk Import.
    One the bulk import is done, in your CAD folder there will be:
    • A text file with a summary of import timing.
    • An hm file for each input CAD/stl file. This hm file is very small and just contains assembly hierarchy and info about where the file for each part is located.
    • A "RepFiles” folder with a sub-folder for each input file. In each input file folder there is an hm file for each part.
    Important: After bulk import, do not move the “RepFiles” folder.
    Figure 2.