Create Derived Regions

Use the Derived Region tool to create enclosed and offset regions around a selection – which can be used to define volumetric refinement levels – or create projected regions in a given direction.

  1. From the Discrete ribbon, click the Derived Region tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Select entities to consider.
    Note: For this tool to work, your selection should have triangular elements.
  3. Click on the guide bar, select a region type, then define any options.
    Creates an enclosed region around the selection with specified offset distance.
    Enclosure type
    Create enclosures outward or inward from your selection.
    Offset distance
    Distance of enclosure from selection.
    Voxel size factor
    Voxel size when creating enclosed region is calculated from the Voxel size factor (Voxel size = Voxel size factor * Offset distance).
    Voxel size should be smaller than offset distance. In most cases it is not required to modify this value.
    Part name
    The enclosure is created in a specified new part.
    Note: To use this utility to create a volumetric refinement region for ultraFluidX, follow these steps:
    1. Use the Enclosed option to create enclosed regions with the desired offset distance.
    2. Use the Move tool (by moving nodes) to adjust the shape to cover the wake region and ground.
    3. Use the Smooth tool to smooth the shape.
    4. To create the next refinement level zone, select the above refinement region and use the Directional Offset option with a specified offset distance.

    Figure 2. Input

    Figure 3. Output with Offset distancce as 75
    Directional Offset
    Creates an offset region around the selection with specified offset distance.
    Direction along which offset is performed.
    Offset distance
    Distance of offset region from selection.
    Part name
    The offset region is created in a specified new part.
    Creates a projected region on a defined plane.
    Normal vector to the required plane.
    Part name
    The projected parts are created in a specified new part.
  4. Click Create.

    Figure 4. Input

    Figure 5. Output with Offset distance as 75