Automatically Fix Mesh Quality

The Auto Fix tool is useful for cleaning up non-manifold edges, free edges, intersections, high aspect ratio elements, and proximity distance.

  1. From the Discrete ribbon, click the Auto Repair tool.
    Figure 1.

  2. Select parts/elements to fix.
    Note: This tool is intended for cleaning up closed volumes, so only select parts that form a single closed volume.
  3. Click on the guide bar to define fix options.
    Intersection cleanup
    Fix intersecting elements.
    Aspect ratio
    Fix elements with aspect ratios above the defined value.
    Remesh size
    Remesh very bad elements with this size. This value should be the same as the average size defined when meshing selected parts.
    Proximity distance to smooth
    Smooth regions with proximity less than the defined value.
  4. Click Fix.