Define Proximity Refinement Controls

Use the Enclosure: Proximity tool to define proximity controls for the enclosure process.

The Enclosure tools work for tessellated geometry. If the input is b-spline geometry, first convert to discrete geometry using the Convert tool.

In order to capture gaps locally without refining size everywhere, you can select surfaces where gaps should be preserved.

  1. From the Discrete ribbon, click the Enclosure > Proximity tool.

    Figure 1.
  2. Select surfaces.
  3. In the dialog, define a proximity tolerance.
    All proximity above this value is removed. Thus, the proximity tolerance should be smaller than the gap you want to preserve.
  4. From the guide bar, execute the command in the following ways:
    • Click to confirm your selection and remain in the tool.

      This allows you to continue creating instances and helps you visualize and edit instances with the legend.

    • Click to confirm your selection and exit the tool.