Layers Mesh Generator

Step 1 - Choose the volume mesher

Before to configure the Layer Mesh Generator, the user should choose the volume mesher to apply. Two volume meshers are possible:

  • MeshGems - Hybrid module
  • The volume mesher of Altair: ASML (Altair Solid Meshing Library)
Note: MeshGems by default

To configure the volume mesher:

  • click on: Tools > Geometry and Mesh options > Edit
  • click on tab Mesh
  • choose the mesher

Step 2 - Create the Layers Mesh Generator

In order to create a Layers mesh generator which can be assigned to volumes only, follow these instructions:
  1. Enter a mesh generator Name of your choice
  2. Enter a Comment possibly
  3. Select Layers as Mesh Generator Type
  4. Select the Height type for the Layers mesh generator:
    • Either select Definition of all layers

      And in the Height of all layers (in meter) field:

      Enter the skin depth value in meter

      You can compute the skin depth value with the physical characteristics, using the Skin Effect button just at the right

    • Or select Definition of first layer

      And in the Height of first layer (in meter) field:

      Enter the first layer height in meter

    Note: For these two cases, the layer(s) height will be applied on the whole volume boundary except for the faces at the periodicity boundary and the symmetry boundary.
  5. Enter the Number of layers (i.e. the number of boundary layers)
  6. Enter the Geometric progression coefficient of layers (i.e. the growth parameter used between two adjacent layers)
  7. Enter the Dominant element type in remaining volume
    • Either select Tetrahedron (i.e. the remaining volume is filled with tetrahedra)
    • Or select Hexahedron (i.e. the remaining volume is filled with a mixture of hexahedra, pyramids and tetrahedra)

Step 3 - Assign the mesher to volumes

Edit the volumes which you want apply the layers mesher and assign it in Mesh tab.

Step 4 - Exclude faces (optional)

To exclude faces, simply edit these faces and choose "yes" in the "Exclude from Mesh Generator with Layers type" field. More details in Possibility to exclude faces.