Mesh elements generation


The generation of mesh elements (or meshing) is the process of subdivision of lines, faces and volumes into finite elements, carried out by Flux.


The mesh generation is carried out in the following way:

Stage Description Command
1 Meshing the lines Mesh lines
2 Meshing the faces Mesh faces
3 (for 3D) Meshing the volumes Mesh volumes
Note: The command Mesh Domain permits to perform the 3 phases in a row. When the meshing time is consistent in 3D, it is advisable to perform phases 1 and 2. If the surface mesh is not satisfactory, modify the adjustment and start again the mesh generation before passing to phase 3.


To mesh:

Step Action
1 Activate the Mesh command (see next block)
Flux generates mesh elements.

In the graphic zone, Flux displays

  • nodes after meshing the lines
  • face elements after meshing the faces.

Activate the command

To activate the Mesh command, choose one of the methods presented in the figure below:

Note: It is possible to activate the Mesh faces / volumes command without meshing the lines / faces. In this case, the line / face mesh will be generated automatically and implicitly.