Quantity computation on points: add a formula

Add a formula

Now the user can add a formula in an already existing session of computation on points.

Step Action

Open the dialogue box corresponding to the command Add a formula:

  • In the data tree, Computation > On Point
  • Click right on the desired entity Computation point to display the contextual menu
  • Click on Add formula
The dialogue box Add formula will appear
2 Choose the desired quantity (1st column)
The list of components corresponding to the selected quantity will appear in the 2nd column

Choose one or more desired components:

  • Select one or more components
  • Click on Add
The formulas « Flux » corresponding to the selected components will appear in the 3rd column
4 Validate by clicking on OK
Note: The user always has the possibility to add his own formula (if it has not been proposed) starting from the formula editor by clicking on .

Certain limitations

  • In the dialogue box Add formula, the quantities already taken into consideration in this calculation entity will not appear.
  • Adding of a formula is only possible if the calculation on a point session is closed.