Easy mode

1. User input parameters

Label Symbol Tooltip, note, formula
No. Layers * Number of layers (1 or 2)
No. conductors per layer * No. conductors per layer
Layer shift * Layer shift in number of slot pitch (Only available with 2 layers)
No. parallel paths P paths Number of parallel paths (1 or 2)
Phase sequence * Phase sequence

2. Building the winding architecture – Easy mode – Main principles

Building the winding architecture - Easy mode
1 Selection of the Easy mode for building the winding architecture.
2 Selection of the number of layers. The number of layers are limited to 2.
3 Number of conductors per layer, it must be even and limited to 30.
4 The layer shift is defined by a number of slot pitch. It cannot exceed the number of slots per pole and per phase. (Only available with 2 layers).
5 Number of parallel paths.

The possible numbers of parallel paths are automatically computed and proposed to the user, 2 is the maximum value proposed according to the considered hairpin pattern.

When the user chooses several parallel paths the connections on the winding scheme are automatically updated.

6 Definition of the phase sequence i.e. the rotation direction of the Magneto-Motive Force (M.M.F):

Clockwise or Counter clockwise. The rotation direction is defined when facing the machine on the connection side. The phase sequence is set to clockwise and cannot be modified in the current version (grayed field).

7 Button to apply inputs. Pressing the enter key twice applies inputs too.
8 Button to restore default input values.

Default values are those which define the winding architecture by using the automatic mode.

9 Icon to export winding data into *.txt or *.xlsx files.
10 Icon to export hairpin winding connection table into a *.xlsx file.

This file can be shared and reloaded in another FluxMotor session.