Script Factory

The application to create and manage python scripts

1. Main areas of Script Factory

“Script Factory” is a dedicated application to create and manage python Altair® FluxMotor® scripts.

The application includes:
  • Workspace in tree format
  • Script files functionality as “New, Duplicate and Delete”
  • Launcher of python script with “Run and Stop” function

Classical functions such as “Save, Undo, Redo and Store” are also available.

2. How to get into Script Factory?

Two ways are possible:
  1. From Supervisor, click on “Script Factory” button
  2. From Motor Factory / Export environment / Script, it is possible to open the python script of a current motor with all the needed commands defining it.

1 Click on “Script Factory” on the left part of the supervisor to open the “Script Factory” application

How to get into “Script Factory” from Motor Factory?
1 In Motor Factory, select EXPORT environment
2 In EXPORT environment, select SCRIPT in the DOCUMENT menu
3 In “SCRIPT” panel of Motor Factory, open the python script of the current motor by clicking on this button

Advice for use

Altair® FluxMotor® is a dedicated platform, which can be used for the predesign of electrical motors. The target of FluxMotor® is to get a quick overview of technical and economic potential of motors.

The motive of the Script Factory is to give the possibility to automate some study such as lunch serial tests or serial design winding configurations.