Release Notes

Highlights of the new version

1. Introduction

You're using Altair® FluxMotor ® 2022.2

This section gives the major points of the FluxMotor® 2022.2

Please see also the following sections:

  • Highlights of FluxMotor 2022.2
  • List of warnings
  • List of the main issues
  • How to report an error

This document gives the major information about Altair® FluxMotor® 2022.2.

Here are the highlights of the new version:

  • Transient thermal computations for Reluctance Synchronous Machines

    Power step, Thermal time constants & Chart of temperature

  • Computation of AC losses in winding – Hybrid method
  • Induction machines – A new option for the SSFR test
  • A new application “Materials”
  • A new application “Script Factory”
  • A new EXPORT/DOCUMENT/Script

    The full script for building a project, just a click away

  • Export to Flux 3D – Synchronous Machines - Permanent Magnets
  • Export to Flux 3D – Reluctance Synchronous Machines
  • A new EXPORT / SYSTEM environment

    Export of LUT for Activate and PSIM

  • Further new functions
    1. Special script functions for filling the slots
    2. A flag to raise non consistent winding architecture and/or slot filling
  • Correction of issues

All the added new features are briefly described below followed by an update about issues and bugs.

FluxMotor 2022.2 – Highlights

For more detailed information, please refer to the user help guides. The list of documents to read is presented below.

2. Documents to read

Important: It is highly recommended to read the user guides given below, before using FluxMotor®. Each user help document can be downloaded from the online user help

The list of documents is available on this link