Release Notes

Highlights of the new version

1. Introduction

You're using Altair® FluxMotor ® 2022.3

This section gives the major points of the FluxMotor® 2022.3

Please see also the following sections:

  • Documents to read
  • List of new features
  • List of warnings
  • List of the main issues
  • How to report an error

This document gives the major information about Altair® FluxMotor® 2022.3.

Here are the highlights of the new version:
  1. New tests for induction machines with squirrel cage
    • Computation and displaying of characterization model maps
    • Computation of the efficiency map with scalar control command
  2. Machines with hairpin winding technology are available in standard mode
    • Synchronous machine with permanent magnets
    • Reluctance synchronous machine
    • Induction machine with squirrel cage
  3. All the tests are available for machines with hairpin winding technology
    Note: The corresponding HyperStudy connectors can be provided for optimization
  4. Improvement of the test Characterization / Model/Maps for SMPM
    • Options have been added to compute and display 1, 2 or 4 quadrants
    • Export / System LUT (Activate or PSIM) has been updated for exporting data based on 1, 2 or 4 quadrants
  5. New export from FluxMotor to Flux2D / FEMT for computing efficiency map with transient application
  6. Further new functions
    • Auto generating the HyperStudy Study in HyperStudy Application
    • Solid conductors can be used for machines with skewed topologies (Rotor or Stator), for computation with FluxMotor or while exporting project to Flux Skew.
    • The model periodicity (in the back end of Motor Factory) can be considered when the coils, represented with solid conductors are twisted.

All the added new features are briefly described below followed by an update about issues and bugs.

FluxMotor 2022.2 – Highlights

For more detailed information, please refer to the user help guides. The list of documents to read is presented below.

2. Documents to read

Important: It is highly recommended to read the user guides given below, before using FluxMotor®. Each user help document can be downloaded from the online user help

Below, here is the list of documents which are available.

2.1 General user guides for any type of machine:

  • Installation_guide_en.pdf (= Installation for both Altair® Flux® and Altair® FluxMotor®)
  • Supervisor_2022.3.pdf
  • MotorCatalog_2022.3.pdf
  • PartLibrary_2022.3.pdf
  • PartFactory_2022.3.pdf
  • Materials_2022.3.pdf
  • ScriptFactory_2022.3.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_Introduction.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_3Phase_Winding.pdf

2.2 User guides dedicated to Synchronous Machines with Permanent Magnets – Inner and Outer Rotor

  • MotorFactory_2022.3_SMPM_IOR_3PH_Design.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_SMPM_IOR_3PH_Test_Introduction
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_SMPM_IOR_3PH_Test_Characterization.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_SMPM_IOR_3PH_Test_WorkingPoint.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_SMPM_IOR_3PH_Test_PerformanceMapping.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_SMPM_IR_3PH_Test_Mechanics.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_SMPM_IOR_3PH_Export.pdf

2.3 User guides dedicated to Reluctance Synchronous Machines – Inner Rotor

  • MotorFactory_2022.3_SMRSM_IR_3PH_Design.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_SMRSM_IR_3PH_Test_Introduction.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_SMRSM_IR_3PH_Test_Characterization.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_SMRSM_IR_3PH_Test_WorkingPoint.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_SMRSM_IR_3PH_Test_PerformanceMapping.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_SMRSM_IR_3PH_Test_Mechanics.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_SMRSM_IR_3PH_Export.pdf

User guides dedicated to Induction Machines with Squirrel Cage – Inner and Outer Rotor

  • MotorFactory_2022.3_IMSQ_IOR_3PH_Design.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_IMSQ_IOR_3PH_Test_Introduction
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_IMSQ_IOR_3PH_Test_Characterization.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_IMSQ_IOR_3PH_Test_WorkingPoint.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_IMSQ_IOR_3PH_Test_PerformanceMapping.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_IMSQ_IR_3PH_Test_Mechanics.pdf
  • MotorFactory_2022.3_IMSQ_IOR_3PH_Export.pdf