Refer to and choose the units available in FluxMotor®

1. Overview

To get into Units application from the supervisor, click on Units button.

The Units area is shown on the picture below. It is composed of four main zones.

1 Main functions to select directly a general unit system (US, SI, FM) and save modifications.
  • US = Anglo-Saxon system of Units
  • SI = International System of Units
  • FM = FluxMotor® system of Units
Disk = Save changed units
2 Presentation of the ten quantities of families are available in Units application.

Selecting an icon will display the units belonging to the selected family.

See illustration below.

3 List of current units.
4 When a quantity is selected in the list (2), the corresponding available units are displayed.

Symbol, conversion factor and an example to illustrate the principle of conversion are presented.

Note: In Units application, the icons at the top part of the screen display the available units in different categories. See illustration below.
Selection of a unit family
1 All types of physical quantities are displayed.
2 Only physical quantities relative to magnetism are displayed.

2. How to choose and save a unit?

1 Select the physical quantity family in which the concerned unit is present.
2 Select the unit which is to be modified.
3 Select the new unit.
4 Save unit changes.
5 It is possible to select the units proposed by FluxMotor® (FM) or select one of the two international system of units (SI or US).

3. Expanding the menu in Units

This menu gives access to system functions like help documentation and Exit.

1 Expand the menu in the top left corner in Units dialog box.
2 List of actions available:
  • Save (=Save unit changes)
  • About
  • Debug mode
  • Help to open the online help documentation directly on the chapter dealing with Units
  • Exit for closing Units dialog box
Closing Units dialog box is also possible by using this icon on the top right corner of the Units dialog box.
* Closing Units dialog box is also possible by using the shortcut CTRL-Q defined in the user preferences.

For more information, refer to the chapter Preferences.