A comprehensive and scalable material database

1. Main areas of “Materials”

Materials is a dedicated application to create and manage materials.

All materials are distributed into seven families:

  • Lamination
  • Solid
  • Magnet
  • Electrical conductor
  • Electrical insulator
  • Gas
  • Liquid

All the above seven families contain some materials individually. When clicking on each family, the corresponding materials are displayed under a reference material database.The users can create their own materials. It will be stored under USER material database

2.How to get into “Materials”?

Two ways are possible:
  1. From the supervisor, click on “Materials” button.
  2. From the Motor Factory DESIGN area, it is possible to check the properties of materials through the STATOR/MATERIALS section, in ROTOR/MATERIALS section or in STATOR/WINDING section.

Click on Materials on the left part of the supervisor to open “Materials” application

How to get into “Materials” from Motor Factory?
1 From Motor Factory / DESIGN / ROTOR / MATERIALS section.
2 From Motor Factory / DESIGN / STATOR / MATERIALS section.
3 In “Materials” environment of Motor Factory, the Material database can be opened by clicking on this button.

3. Advice for use

Altair® FluxMotor® is a dedicated platform, which can be used for the predesign of electrical motors. The target of FluxMotor® is to get a quick overview of technical and economic potential of motors.

The motive of the associated material database is to cover the field of needed materials to build a machine.

So, the aim of the material database is not to give perfectly accurate properties of all the specific materials given by the main material suppliers all over the world.

The objective of the material database is to propose the main types of materials required for building a motor. Thanks to that one gets a general overview of motor performance based on the different main kind of materials.

This principle must simply allow visualizing the variation of performance when substituting a material type for another one.

However, the users of FluxMotor® will be able to build their own material database by specifying all the properties needed. Specifying accurate properties of materials remains the responsibility of the user.