Manage a material

How to manage a material ?

Here are the main areas of the “Materials” application.

Zones of “Materials” application
Zone 1 Access to the system function:
  • Assignment of default materials
  • Export database
  • Import database

See more details on these functions below.

Zone 2 Functions to manage the materials in the selected family:
  • Edit
  • New
  • Duplicate
  • Delete
Zone 3 Reference Material Database. In each material family there are some materials which are proposed by FluxMotor® to cover the basic needs.
Zone 4 User Material Database. One user material database is available. All the materials created by the user are stored in the user database.
Zone 5 Area in which the physical properties of the selected material are displayed.
Zone 6

Area in which the material physical properties are shown. These properties are classified according to its physical domain and the material family.

Material properties can be modified only for materials in the USER database. To edit a material in the REFERENCE database it should be copy to USER data base using “duplicate” option.

Note: In Motor Factory a material from the reference material database has the following prefix:

“REF.” Example: REF.M250.50A.

Similarly a material from the user material database has the following prefix: “USER.” Example: USER.M250.50A.

Selection of a material from the Motor Factory
1 Material stored in the reference material database (Prefix REF.).
2 Material stored in the user material database (Prefix USER.).