How to report an error ?

When a bug or a problem occurs when using Altair® FluxMotor® (whatever is the considered application), a dedicated panel is automatically provided for helping the users to report this error.

It allows creating a zip file which stores all the information needed for FluxMotor® support team to understand and solve (as far as possible) the problem.

Process to report a trouble
1 This panel automatically is opened when an error or a bug is occurring.
2 A short message is displayed to explain the origin of the problem.
3 Button to close the panel after reading the message.
4 Button to create the zip file before sending it to FluxMotor support team.
5 Dialog box to define the zip file.
6 Give a name to the zip file.
7 Store the zip file in a folder.
8 Button to finalize the building of the zip file.
9 Button to close the dialog box without creating the zip file.
10 Resulting zip file automatically built and ready to be sent to FluxMotor support team.