Calibration factors

Overview - Definitions - Inputs

Label Symbol Tooltip, note, formula
Ref. temperature * The reference temperature.First, resistance values are computed by considering a temperature equal to 20°C.

However, the user can also define his own reference temperature to compute the corresponding phase resistance and Line-Line resistance values.

Note: This reference temperature is used only in the winding design environment. The test temperatures are defined in the test settings (refer to TEST chapter).
Winding resistance factor * Setting of the “Resistance factor”.

It allows adjusting computation result of resistance with resistance measurement. Thus, the resulting phase resistance value is considered.

End winding inductance factor * Setting of the “Inductance factor”.

It allows modifying the computation result of end-winding inductance.

Thus, the resulting end-winding inductance value is considered.

Ref. max. Line-Line voltage Umax Reference maximum Line-Line voltage.

It allows evaluating the voltage drop between the conductors.

Voltage drop limit * Voltage drop limit between 2 superimposed conductors.

This limit is given to better visualize the voltage threshold which shall not be exceeded (see the displaying of colored fields in the table).