Synchronous Machines - Permanent Magnets – Outer Rotor

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The Motor Factory – DESIGN area is the first environment of Motor Factory.

It is composed of four main zones. This is the guideline to design your machine.

Zones of Motor Factory – DESIGN area view
Zone 1 MACHINE Definition of general data of the machine depending on the considered type of machine ·
  • Topology with overall dimensions, No. slots, No. poles,No. phases (only for polyphase machines)
  • Shaft, type and dimensions
  • Housing
Zone 2 ROTOR Access this main functions to design the ROTOR and its corresponding subsets: · Magnet and Polarization
Zone 3 STATOR Access this main functions to design the STATOR and its corresponding subsets: · Slot and Winding
Zone 4 MATERIALS Area to select all the materials needed to build the machine, rotor and stator.
Zone 5 VIEW Visualization of the motor radial view.
The winding (automatically defined) is shown.
Note: Graphic functions like export picture and zoom are available on this view by right clicking on mouse (right part of the panel). See system functions, graphic management to get more information.