INDUCTION Machines – SQUIRREL CAGES – outer rotor

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The Motor Factory – DESIGN area is the first environment of Motor Factory.

It is composed of four main zones. This is the guideline to design your machine.

Zones of Motor Factory – DESIGN area view
Zone 1 MACHINE General data definition of the machine depending on the considered type of machine · Topology with overall dimensions, No. slots, No. poles, No. bars, · Shaft, type and dimensions · Housing
Zone 2 ROTOR Access this main functions to design the ROTOR and its corresponding subsets: · Bars and End-ring
Zone 3 STATOR Access this main functions to design the STATOR and its corresponding subsets: · Slot and Winding
Zone 4 MATERIALS Area to select all the materials needed to build the machine, rotor and stator.
Zone 5 VIEW Visualization of the motor radial view. The winding (automatically defined) is shown.
Note: Graphic functions like export picture and zoom are available on this view by right clicking on mouse (right part of the panel).See system functions, graphic management to get more information.