Gas Hole

Check the existence of gas holes in certain components.

Like QFP packages, having multiple pins in the quadratic side can be twisted in the soldering process. To prevent this problem, you can reserve gas holes near pins inside of the component.

The Gas Hole dialog contains the following sections:
  • Gas Hole Definition: Define gas hole with hole, via, or padstacks in the design.
    • Ranges of Hole’s Size: Define gas hole with the board figure hole size in certain ranges. Using the floating value input tool, set the hole size ranges.
    • Vias: Define gas hole by selecting vias from the Via library in the design.
    • Padstacks: Define gas hole by selecting padstacks from the padstack library in the design.
  • Target Component Selection: Select the target components that should have a gas hole.
    • Component Group Selection: Select the target component group from the component group list.
    • All Components: Set all components as target components.