Foam Deformer

Allows you to perform a simulation of the seat foam deformation under the dummy.

  1. From the Safety ribbon, click the arrow next to the Seat Deformer tool, and select Foam Deformer from the menu.
    Figure 1.

    Restriction: Only available in the LS-DYNA, Radioss and PAM-CRASH interfaces.
  2. On the guide bar, select the seat foam components, the dummy components intersecting the seat foam, and the nodes to fix the foam components.
    Figure 2.

  3. On the guide bar, click Deform to start the seat foam deformation process.
  4. On the guide bar, click to define Seat Foam Deformer Defaults.
    Figure 3.

    • Displacement Direction Ratio: Defines the vector direction in which the dummy components are pulled on the seat foam to deform it.
    • Create foam reference geometry: If activated, automatically generates the reference geometry entity on the selected seat foam components. For LS-DYNA, it creates *INITIAL_FOAM_REFERENCE_GEOMETRY keywords, and for Radioss, /XREF keywords.
  5. Optional: Set advanced options as necessary by clicking on the guide bar.