CFD Post-Processing

HyperView offers CFD post-processing capabilities for a large class of industrial applications.

CFD results from AcuSolve can be loaded into HyperView by using the Ensight reader. When using the Ensight reader, use AcuTrans to convert the AcuSolve results into the Ensight format.
Note: Starting with 2024, HyperView will no longer directly support AcuSolve log files. HyperMesh-CFD will be the solution for supporting all CFD related workflows in the HyperMesh environment, including AcuSolve results.

The direct Ensight reader in HyperView allows you to import results from all major CFD solvers.

The following functionalities are available for CFD post-processing:
  • Streamlines
  • Contour
  • Iso Value
  • Vector Plot