Defining an Expression Output

An expression based output can be used to generate outputs based on solver run time functions. Solvers like MotionSolve and ADAMS provide several functions to track various outputs during the solution process.

  1. From the Result Type drop-down menu, select Expressions to create an expression based output request.
  2. Click inside any of the text boxes (F2, F3, F4, F6, F7, F8) and enter a solver expression that needs to be printed to the result files.
    Tip: Use the Expression Builder to create complex expressions by clicking inside the desired text box and selecting from the trio of buttons at the top of the panel. The Expression Builder provides access to all solver function data members in the model, as well as many math and signal processing functions in HyperGraph. See Use the Expression Builder for additional information.

    Use MotionView entity data members to maintain a parametric relation with the entity and the output being measured.

    For example, the expression`DX({}) uses the id of the user specified CM marker (implicit marker created by MotionView at a user given cg point) of the body b_ball.

  3. Optional: Select the Define custom names and units check box in order to provide custom names and units for the F2, F3… output channels.
    • Additional columns (Cnames and Cunits) are available for entering the custom names and units.
    • The custom names along with the units will appear as component names for the channels while plotting the results in HyperGraph.