Modify a Design Variable

‘Bounds’ can be easily and quickly modified using the Wizard.
  1. To modify the Nominal value, click in the field and change/edit the value.
    Figure 1.
    • Changes made to the nominal values using the Wizard will be reflected in the current MBS model.
    • The bounds will be automatically updated using the default calculations.
  2. To modify the Bounds, edit the Lower/Upper Bound fields directly, or use the Bounds group provided at the bottom (see below) to quickly modify multiple bounds at once.
    Figure 2.
    • The Value method will add/subtract the number entered from the nominal value to calculate the bounds. The Percent method will add/subtract the specified percentage of the nominal value to calculate the bounds.
    • The drop-down menu allows you to change the upper bound and the lower bound separately or change them both together.