Load Export

An external module invoked from MotionView. This module allows you to take loads from an ADAMS run and create a tabular summary file or a Nastran input card for those loads.

The Load Export utility is used in conjunction with MotionView to perform the above mentioned functions. To use this utility, you must specify the components in an MBD model for which loads are to be processed. You can do this by using the MotionView GUI or editing the MDL MBD model file to add force output requests on bodies. After an MBD analysis on a model using ADAMS, you will get an ADAMS request file and a metadata file (a MotionView ASCII file that contains information of force output on a body) that are used as the input files for the utility. The application scope of Load Export is shown below:

Figure 1. Interaction diagram

Metadata File Generation and Format

MotionView supports force requests on body entities. To provide detailed information about the forces acting on a given body entity, MotionView automatically generates a metadata file if there are active force requests on body entities in the active model. For more information, see the Metadata File Generation and Metadata File Format topics.

To run the Load Export utility:

From the Analyze ribbon, Results tool set, click the Reports icon.
  • The Load Export utility is displayed.