MotionView Interface

Driver can be loaded using the Model Wizard of MDLLIB when the Full Vehicle with Driver option is chosen. Driver has some special requirements to interface with the vehicle model. These requirements are resolved automatically if the vehicle model is built using the Full vehicle with advanced driver option in the Model Wizard in MDLLIB.

  1. Setting the preference file: Driver GUI requires the HW environment to be under MBD-Vehicle Dynamics Tools.
    Figure 1.

    Figure 2.

  2. Building a vehicle model using the Model Wizard. All the options of the Model Wizard are explained in separate sub-heading.
    1. From the Model menu, select Assembly Wizard.
      Figure 3.

      The Assembly Wizard dialog is displayed.
    2. Build the vehicle model using the Full vehicle with advanced driver option.
      Figure 4.

      The Driver Analysis System with icon is displayed in the Model Browser. Select the Altair Driver Analysis in the browser tree to open up the driver graphical user interface in the property panel. This can be used to edit the connections with the vehicle model and to provide vehicle parameters.

      When Altair Driver is present in the model, all the full vehicle events are accessible to the model. They can be added by right-clicking on model and choosing the Add Events option.
      Figure 5.

The following sections provide additional insights on the MotionView interface for Altair Driver.