Create Bodies

  1. From the Model Browser, select the container entity (Model|System|Assembly|Analysis) to which the body is to be added.
  2. Right-click on a system folder in the Model Browser and select Add > Reference Entity > Body from the context menu.

    Right-click on a body folder (located under the selected container entity) in the Model Browser and select Add Body from the context menu.

    From the Geometry ribbon, click the Bodies icon.
    The Add Body or BodyPair dialog is displayed.
  3. Specify a label for the body.
  4. Specify a variable name for the body.
    By default, variable names of entities in MotionView follow a certain convention. For example, all body entities have a variable name starting with b_. This is the recommended convention to follow when building models in MotionView since it has many advantages in model editing and model manipulation.
  5. Select whether to create a single body or a body pair.
    A body entity, like most of the entities that are created in MotionView, can be a single entity or a pair entity. Pair entities help to create models that are symmetric about the ZX plane of the model. Their properties can also be symmetric about the ZX plane (in other words, the Y property is mirrored). Asymmetry or symmetry of the bodies can be decided or specified when editing the created body.
  6. Change the body type to Point Mass body or NLFE body using the drop-down menu.
  7. Click OK to close the window or Apply to continue creating entities.