Multipoint support: definition (structure)


A multipoint support is defined by:

  • a name
  • a file to be imported
  • a choice between mobile and fix


The name permitting the identification of the multipoint support is given by the user during its creation.

Imported file

A multipoint support is created via the import of a file containing the coordinates of the points. Different formats are available:

Format Description

DEX (= Data Exchange) is a format specific to Flux

*.IP IP is a format for the Fluent software
Tabulated The user manually enters the coordinates of the points

Mobile/ fix support

The user has the possibility to define a fix or mobile multipoint support.

For the choice of a support in motion with a mechanical set, the user will have to define:

  • the mechanical set
  • the position of the mechanical set: choice between the position of reference or the current position