Multipoint support: about


Within a multiphysics co-simulation, it is necessary to define the supports permitting to ensure the data exchange between the coupled software items. The data exchange between the coupled software items is carried out in Flux by means of supports called « multipoint support ».


A multipoint support is used to carry out transfers of data between different software items.


A multipoint support is a collection of points used in the Flux software to carry out data exchanges between softwares.

The collection of points can be of different nature:

  • If the mesh is identical in the two coupled applications, then there is simply an exchange of data by the collection of the mesh nodes.
  • If the mesh is different in the two coupled problems, then the data exchange is carried out by a collection of points. To each node of the mesh of the first application a position is associated in the mesh of the second application and the other way round.

When to create a multipoint support?

A multipoint support is used for the transfer of the data from an application to another application. The multipoint support is created before the solving process of the two coupled applications at any moment in the description of the multiphysics project.