Mesh Refinement

When an accurate solution of the model requires a fine mesh, the mesh can be refined at specific areas of the model without simply meshing the entire model finer.

There are several mesh refinement options available when it is required to refine specific areas in the mesh. Although the mesh can be refined globally and this approach is attractive due to its simplicity, this will lead to an unnecessarily large number of mesh elements that in turn will increase the simulation time and resource requirements.

A more efficient approach is to only refine the mesh locally where a finer mesh is required. In CADFEKO, you have the following options to refine a mesh locally:
  • Define multiple local mesh settings for a model, each one with a unique label. Apply the local mesh settings to root-level geometry and mesh parts in the model tree by referencing its label.
  • Apply a local mesh size to a wire / edge, face or region.
  • Use point refinement to define the local point and its radius where the mesh should be refined.
  • Use polyline refinement to define a line and radius where the mesh should be refined along the line.
  • Use adaptive mesh refinement in conjunction with an error estimate request to iterate and refine the mesh at areas with the largest error estimates.
  • Use automatic mesh refinement (AMRFEKO).