Viewing the Mesh Information

After the geometry or model mesh was meshed, the quality of the mesh part (or model mesh) or simulation mesh can be examined.

  1. Select the model (or part) in the model tree (Construct tab).
  2. View the mesh information using one of the following workflows:
    • From the right-click context menu, click Info.
    • On the Mesh tab, in the Meshing group, click the  Info icon.
The Mesh information dialog gives a summary of the mesh statistics such as the average edge length and the standard deviation of the edge lengths as well as a visual representation of the mesh edge lengths distribution. The data gives an indication of the quality of the mesh and how many edges are longer than the desired length.
You can also view the number of triangles (flat and curvilinear), tetrahedra, voxels and line segments (straight and curvilinear).
Figure 1. The Mesh Information dialog.