Batch Meshing

A stand-alone batch meshing tool can be called from the command line to mesh a model and modify variable values in a CADFEKO model file, without launching the CADFEKO GUI.

During the optimisation process, OPTFEKO calls the batch meshing tool to mesh the model for each optimisation run.

Launch the CADFEKO batch mesher using the command:
cadfeko_batch <filename> [options]
The file name of an existing CADFEKO model (with or without the .cfx file extension). The path may be included in the file name.

The command line options are:

Output only the version information to the command line and then terminate. No file name is required to use this option.
Allows variables to be assigned new values before re-evaluation and meshing. Multiple variables may be included. For example, to set variables a and b to 1, the options should contain ...-#a=1 -#b=1... ).
This uses a special execution mode for the GUI. In this mode, additional information regarding the progress of each phase of the model re-evaluation and meshing is included in the screen output.
This option rearranges the cables in a cable bundle to a new random location.

After the model is re-evaluated and meshed, the modified CADFEKO model replaces the existing .cfx file as well as the .cfm, .pre, .opt and .pfg files.

If new variable values cause an error during re-evaluation or meshing, the batch meshing is aborted and an error reported. If any suspect entities are found in the model after re-evaluation, the meshing are completed, the new model is created, but an error will be reported. The error is reported for all suspect items, even if they were not introduced due to changes made by the batch-mesher.

If the solution configuration is deactivated in the CADFEKO model, or if the .pre file has been edited outside of CADFEKO, then the .pre file is not overwritten.