Launching CADFEKO (Linux)

There are several options available to launch CADFEKO in Linux.

Launch CADFEKO using one of the following workflows:
  • Open CADFEKO using the Launcher utility.
  • Open a command terminal. Use the absolute path to the location where the CADFEKO executable resides, for example:
  • Open a command terminal. Source the initfeko script using the absolute path to it, for example:
    . /home/user/2024.0/altair/feko/bin/initfeko
    Sourcing initfeko ensures that the correct Feko environment is configured. Type cadfeko and press Enter.
    Note: Take note that sourcing a script requires a dot (".") followed by a space (" ") and then the path to initfeko for the changes to be applied to the current shell and not a sub-shell.