Specifying the Far Field Goal

Specify the goal focus, the operations to perform on the goal, and the goal objective.

  1. In the model tree, on the Construction tab, select OptimisationSearch1.
  2. On the Request tab, in the Optimisation group, click the  Add Goal Function icon. From the drop down list, select  Far Field Goal.
  3. Under Goal focus, specify the requested output from the Solver.
    1. Under Focus source type, select Defined in CADFEKO.
    2. In the Focus source field, from the drop-down list, select FarField1.
    3. In the Focus type field, from the drop-down list select Gain.
    4. In the Polarisation field, from the drop-down list select Total.
  4. Under Focus processing steps, specify the processing to be performed prior to comparing with the objective.
    1. In the Operation column, from the drop-down list, select Max.
  5. Under Goal operator, specify how the objective and focus is compared.
    1. In the Operator type drop-down list, select Maximise to maximise the gain.
      • The Goal objective is the value or values with which the focus is compared. For maximisation and minimisation the Goal objective is hidden.
      • For multiple goals, the Weight will determine the contribution of the particular goal to the global error function during the fitness evaluation.
      Figure 1. The Create Far Field Goal dialog.

  6. Click Create to create the new far field goal and to close the dialog.