Imprinting Points onto a Face or Edge

Project a list of specified points onto the selected geometry (either on a face or an edge) to ensure vertices at these points after meshing.

The specified points are projected onto the closest point on the selected part.
  • Points may not be imprinted on top of existing points.
  • Points can only be imprinted on a single geometry part at a time.
  1. Select the geometry part where you want to imprint the points.
  2. On the Transform tab, in the Imprint group, click the  Imprint Points icon.
    Figure 1. The Imprint Points on Geometry dialog.

  3. Specify the points to imprint using one of the following workflows:
    • Specify the points manually.
    • Import the points from a file.
    • Use point-entry to specify the points.
  4. Click Create to imprint the points and to close the dialog.
The imprint operation creates a new entry in the model tree to still allow access to the part without the imprinted points.