Modifying Face Normal / Orientation

The face normal of a triangle is determined in a mathematically positive sense from the direction of the edges.

A face normal is of importance when it is required to specify settings for a specific side of a face since the setting is applied on either the face normal side or the opposite side. The face normal can be modified so that a group of faces have the same orientation and settings can be applied to the group.

For example:
  • PO using the option to only illuminate from the front.
  • RL-GO when setting the face absorbing properties for the normal side and opposite to normal side.
  • The combined field integral equation (CFIE) requires closed structures and the face normal to point away from the zero-field region.
  • Windscreen and specifying the order of the layers for the windscreen.
  • Thin dielectric sheets for RL-GO, PO and LE-PO, the normal side is important when the specifying the order of the layers.