Mark Placement

Verify the placement of a specified board mark. For example, a lead-free mark, fuse mark, and so on

More detailed information:
  • Item: Specify the item name.
  • Check Option: Contains the options for mark placement on the board. Double-click the desired location in the dialog to add to the Check Option list.
  • Mark Component Group: Define the mark component group.
  • Check Mark Existence: Verify the mark on the board.
  • Mark Placed Layer: Define the layer where the mark is located.
    • Select Top, Bottom, or All Layers to define the layer of the specified mark.
    • Coexistence with Fiducial Mark Component on Same Layer: Enter a component group placed in the same layer with the specified mark to verify or exclude from verification.
    • Coupled Component on Reversed Layer: Enter a coupled component on the reversed layer of the specified mark.
  • Mark Distance: Verify the existence of a mark within a certain distance of a component group.
    • One to One Component for each Mark: Detect if the number of components is equivalent to marks within the measured distance. If the number is higher or lower, an error is detected.
  • Mark Location from Board Corners: Verify the mark location from each corner of the board.

    Figure 1. Example of the Board Corner Locations