Find Equivalent Joints

Use the Equivalence tool to consolidate overlapping joints within a given tolerance.

  1. From the Skeleton ribbon, click the Equivalence tool.
    Figure 1.

    Note: The Equivalence tool is grouped with the Combine/Duplicates tools. Click the arrow next to the tool to choose which is active on the ribbon.
  2. Click on the guide bar to define options.
    Allow member destruction
    A member of smaller or equal length to the minimum defined length is destroyed so that two member joints are merged together.
    Create offset legs
    Six members can be joined by a joint with each leg having an offset.
    Used to search for nearby joints.
    Min length
    Small members below this value are destroyed.
  3. Select members to consider.
  4. Click Find to locate overlapping joints within the given tolerance.
  5. Optional: Click or to review each instance.
  6. Click Merge.
Figure 2. . Original model containing overlapping joints

Figure 3. . Post equivalence the overlapping joints are consolidated

Figure 4. . Original model containing three joints located in the center of the members. If “Allow member destruction” is active, the central members are removed.

Figure 5. . Post equivalence the joints are consolidated, and the two members are removed