Create and Delete Elements

Use the Edit Elements: Create tool to create new 1D/2D/3D elements and delete elements.

  1. From the 2D ribbon, click the Edit Elements > Create tool.
    Figure 1.

    Elements are colored according to how well they adhere to the pre-set quality requirements defined in the criteria file.
  2. On the guide bar, click to to define which type/congif of element to create and where new elements are organized.
    Figure 2.
    Figure 3.
    Figure 4.

    By default, first order elements are created and solver specific element types/configs are parsed from the element type panel. In order to create second order elements, set the meshing element order preference to Second.
    Figure 5.

  3. Optional: Find all elements at or below a certain quality level.
    1. Click Find on the guide bar.
    2. Increase or decrease the number of layers around patches of failed elements by clicking or on the guide bar.
    3. Review the next or previous patch of failed elements by clicking or on the guide bar.
  4. Create or delete elements.
    • Select nodes to create 1D/2D/3D elements.
    • Select the element(s) to delete, then left-click to delete element(s).