Change Element Type

Change existing element types.

Note: This tool cannot be used to change joint elements.

HyperMesh has several element configurations, such as tria3 and quad4, whereas solvers might have various element types which fit a particular configuration. For example, in the OptiStruct solver interface, the element types CQUAD4 and PLOTEL4 (amongst others) are mapped to the quad4 element configuration.

Once set in this panel, any elements created in the future will have the selected element type. For example, if you set the quad4 element configuration ( HyperMesh) to the CQUADR type ( OptiStruct), and then use the BatchMesher, all quad elements created are of type CQUADR.
Note: Default types can also be set in File > Preferences > Entity Types

Element types can be updated across configurations. The update applies even if element types in both 1D or 2D and 3D have been changed.

  1. From the Topology ribbon, click the arrow next to the Edit tool set name and select Change Element Type from the drop-down menu.
  2. On the guide bar, use the first drop-down menu to change the element type to 1D/2D/3D config.
    Use 1D Config to set the element types of 1D elements (bars, springs, and so on) as well as 0D elements such as masses.

    Use 2D and 3D Configs to set the element types of 2D elements (quads, trias, and so on) and 3D elements (hexas, tetras, and so on).

  3. Select elements you want to update.
    Your selection is filtered to only retain 1D elements for a 1D config and 2D elements for a 2D or 3D config.
  4. Change the config and color in the microdialog.
    Tip: Click to rest to default colors.
  5. On the guide bar, click one of the following:
    • - Apply and stay in the tool
    • - Apply and close the tool