Use Parasolid

The Use Parasolid option, found in multiple Topology tools, helps you in creating/editing geometries using a parasolid geometry modeling kernel.

  • When this option is turned on in a specific Topology tool, the current geometry in the session is converted fully or partially, depending on the tool, into Parasolid. The operation is carried out using Parasolid libraries and finally the results are updated in the HyperMesh session.
  • The advantage of using this option is that a parasolid geometry kernel in some cases provides more robust, accurate, and consistent results in comparison to the HyperMesh-native geometry modeling kernel (AFC). On the flip side, based on the geometry size and the geometry selection, conversion to Parasolid might be time consuming.
  • In some Topology tools, Parasolid is much stricter than AFC; for example, the identification and removal of fillets during a defeaturing operation. Parasolid has very strict rules on the identification of fillets. While defeaturing, Parasolid avoids the destruction of solids. It also creates a region of problem areas where fillets couldn’t be removed for you to review. On the other hand, HyperMesh AFC is lenient in identification and removal of fillets. This may cause geometry issues leaving the solid unbounded, requiring further fixing of the solids using stitching tools.