Geometry Preferences

Define geometry preferences.

From the File menu, select Preferences > HyperMesh > Geometry to define the following geometry preferences.

Geometry Cleanup Tolerance
Set the cleanup tolerance to Automatic or Manual.
Set an allowable limit to modify the geometry while cleaning it. Modifying the CAD geometry includes equivalencing edges, deleting fillets, and eliminating extraneous vertices.
Since you approximate the geometry with a finite element mesh, the cleanup tolerance must be less than the node tolerance used in the mesh generation.
Face Selection
Geometry feature angle
Determines when to add (creating two surfaces from one) or remove (merging two surfaces into one) a new vertex to model geometry.
When entities are selected by face, attached adjacent surfaces are progressively selected if the feature angle between them is less than or equal to the mesh feature angle.
The geometry feature angle detects features upon geometry import.
Geometry Creation
For tools that use surface creation, determine how new surfaces are created and stitched to the model.
Within same component
Auto-stitch created surfaces to adjacent surfaces that belong to the same component.
Across any component
Auto-stitch created surfaces to all adjacent surfaces.
From attached to selection
Stitch created surfaces to the surfaces attached to the selected surfaces or edges.
From selection only
Only stitch created surfaces to other selected surfaces, or surfaces that have edges or vertices selected.
Create mode
Create surfaces as CAD or FE geometry.
Create in
Choose a method for organizing the geometry.
Organize new geometry in the same component to which the selected geometry belongs. The surface is kept in the component that is chosen first.
Organize new geometry in the current component.
Surface lines
The default number of u-v lines to draw on new surfaces.
Note: Displaying surface lines helps visualize a surface better, but it can slow down the redraw speed of a large model. Use the Surf Lines panel to change the number of surface lines on existing surfaces.
Show updates immediately
CAD models from Inspire can read parameters. This option immediately runs Inspire in the background to update the geometry as changes happen.
Note: From the Topology ribbon, Edit pull-down menu, use CAD Update to make changes and update the geometry only once.
Inspire installation directory
To update CAD geometry in Inspire, specify the Inspire installation directory path.
Import Options
Click Import Options to display the CAD Import Preferences dialog.

Figure 1.
Define the necessary options under Assembly, Topology, and User defined, then click Apply and OK.