Review Entities

In Review mode, you can review selected entities irrespective of their display state.

Restriction: Only available in HyperMesh.
  1. Select entities to review.
    Note: You are only able to review one type of entity at a time.
  2. Invoke review mode.
    • Right-click on selected entities in the browser and select Review from the context menu.
    • Press Q (only when working in a browser).

  3. Adjust the entities being reviewed in the following ways:
    • In the browser, use the up and down keys.
    • Switch your review selection from one entity to another or from one entity type to another by selecting a new entity.
    • Append or remove entities of the same type.
  4. Exit review mode in the following ways:
    • Right-click on a selected entity in the browser and select Review from the context menu.
    • Press Q (only when working in a browser).

    Warning: When other interaction modes may conflict, review mode will be automatically turned off.
    • Review is reset when:
      • Selecting two entities of different types.
      • Switching the Model Color visualization
      • Changing FE and Geom styles
      • Switching browsers or browser views
      • Undocking browsers
      • Clicking anywhere in a browser that does not support Review
      • Changing data
    • Review is reset and disabled (when Review is on) or disabled (when Review is off) when:
      • Any panel or pull-down menu referring to a panel is opened and remains open
      • Switching the Model Color visualization to Thickness or Element Quality
      • The Spherical Clipping panel is opened

Color of Reviewed Entities in the modeling window

Entities being reviewed appear with their current visualization style in the modeling window, while all other non-reviewed entities appear transparent.
Figure 1. Two Components Selected in Review Mode

Entities being reviewed that do not have a visualization style assigned appear yellow.
Figure 2. Sets Selected in Review Mode

When a single group entity is being reviewed, the contact pair’s main surface appears blue and the secondary surface appears red. When there is only one surface definition being reviewed, it appears red.
Figure 3. Single Contact Pair Selected in Review Mode

When multiple group entities are being reviewed, they appear in their own entity color.