Keyboard Shortcuts and Mouse Controls

Default keyboard shortcuts and mouse controls.


To do this Press
Organize O


To do this Press
Show selection A
Hide selection H
Isolate selection I
Delete Delete
Duplicate Ctrl + D
Rename F2
Review Mode Q

Common Across Tools

To do this Press
Cycle through secondary ribbon tools Ctrl + Tab
Cycle through guide bar selectors Tab
Exit a tool Esc

Right-click and mouse through the exit control

Double right-click


To do this Press
Show/Hide tool D
Show selection

If there is no selection, show all of the current entity type

Show entire model Shift + A
Hide selection

If there is no selection, hide all of the current entity type

Hide everything Shift + H
Hide and clear selection

(Idle mode only)

Ctrl + H
Isolate selection and turn off all other entity types

If there is no selection, isolate the current entity type

Middle Mouse Click with entities selected (Show/Hide tool only)
Tip: Middle mouse click again to reverse the isolated display. This is useful if you want to append to your selection and isolate more entities.
Isolate selection and retain all other entity types Shift + I
Show entities adjacent to selection

If there is no selection, show adjacent entities that are the same type as the entity selector

(Idle mode only)

Reverse display of selection

If there is no selection, reverse the display of the current entity type

Switch the display from mesh only, geometry only, or both

(Idle mode only)

Toggle on/off IDs of a selection

(Idle mode only)

Ctrl + Q
Review Mode Q
Toggle between Mesh Lines, Feature Lines, No Lines

(HyperView only)

Shift + M
Toggle on/off Transparency

(HyperView only)

Shift + T
Tip: To show elements only, press E to switch the entity filter to elements, then I/Shift + I to isolate all displayed elements. To add loads to the display, press L to switch to loads, then A to show.


To do this Press
Delete Delete
Undo Ctrl + Z
Redo Ctrl + Y
Perform an action
This is akin to clicking Apply on a guide bar.

Middle Mouse Click

For HyperView, cut the active model

Ctrl + X

For HyperView, copy the active model

Ctrl + C
Paste (into new component)

For HyperView, paste the active model

Ctrl + V
Paste (into current component) Ctrl + Shift + V


To do this Press
Smooth Shift + F12
Split Shift + F6
Create F6
Replace F3

Entity Selector

To do this Press
Set to components/connectors C
Set to elements E
Set to laminates/lines/loads L
Set to materials M
Set to nodes N
Set to plies/points/properties P
Set to solids/surfaces/systems S
Set to attachments T
Set to all Esc + Esc
Selection search (Entity Editor only) "." or Ctrl + Spacebar
Tip: For entity types that have the same first letter (solids, surfaces), continually press the keyboard shortcut to alternate between entity types.

File Management

To do this Press
New Ctrl + N
Open Ctrl + O
Import Ctrl + I
Export Ctrl + E
Save Ctrl + S
Save as Ctrl + Shift + S


To do this Press
Create points/nodes F8


To do this Press
Move Shift + F4
Measure F4


To do this Press
Create general 2D mesh F12


To do this Press
Window select Left Mouse Drag
Append selection Ctrl + Left Mouse Click
Deselect Shift + Left Mouse Click
Select displayed Ctrl + A
Select all Ctrl + Shift + A
Select adjacent Ctrl + J
Select attached Ctrl + T
Select similar (based on type and config if applicable) Ctrl + M
Reverse selection Ctrl + R
Open advanced selection Spacebar
Quick advanced selection

Configurable via Mouse Control Preferences

Alt + Left Mouse Click
Adjust feature angle when selecting elements By Face or By Edge Alt + Scroll
Edit Double Mouse Click
Suspend snaps Alt
Clear active selector Backspace
Clear all guide bar selectors Esc


To do this Press
Rotate Middle Mouse Drag

Arrow Keys

Incrementally rotate clockwise, counter clockwise Ctrl + Right Arrow

Ctrl + Left Arrow

Flip the model Ctrl + Up Arrow

Ctrl + Down Arrow

Set rotation center Ctrl + Middle Mouse Click on model
Reset rotation center Ctrl + Middle Mouse Click in space
Pan Right Mouse Drag

Left + Right Mouse Drag

Zoom Middle Mouse Scroll
Circle zoom Alt + Middle Mouse Draw

Z, then Left Mouse Draw

Toggle visualization mode X
Fit (and fit selected) F
Go back to previous view B
Save a view Ctrl + Numeric Key (0-9)
Recall a view Numeric Key (0-9)
  • Quickly save a custom view by pressing Ctrl + number. For example, pressing Ctrl + 1 creates a custom view and assigns it the name Ctrl + 1. To then recall, press the corresponding number used to save the view. For example, if you pressed Ctrl + 1 to save the custom view, press 1 to quickly recall this view in the future.
  • Right-click on a view to recapture, rename, delete, and control the display state of the view.


To do this Press
Open context sensitive help F1
Open the Demo Browser F7
Search tool Ctrl + F
Capture the API Ctrl + F8