Entity Views in the Results Browser

Entity specific views are available within the Results Browser for the following entities: Assembly, Components, Load Cases, Models (Files), Includes, Results, Sets, and Parts.

Use the following steps to quickly display all entities of a specific type in the Results Browser:
  1. In the Results Browser, double-click on an entity or collector to open its respective view.

    Figure 1.

    Depending on the type of entity selected, a flat list of hierarchical list is displayed and additional columns may be appended to the Results Browser. The color of geometry and mesh in the modeling window will be changed if the entity type selected has a corresponding color mode.

  2. To return to the default view and display all entities in the Results Browser, click .
Below is a brief description of the available Entity Views:
Default View
In the default view, all the entities available in the active model file are listed in separate folders. A flat list is shown for Parts and Sets. To see a hierarchical listing, go to the entity specific view by double clicking on the folder.
Models (Files) View
The Models (Files) View displays all of the loaded model files in the upper portion of the browser and the properties assigned to the currently selected model file in the Entity Editor in the lower half of the browser.
Components View
The Component View turns off all other entities in the browser and lists only components in a flat list.
Load Cases View
The Load Cases View is a hierarchical listing of all available load cases and simulations.
Results View
The Result View shows a hierarchical view of available results on the current load case.
Include Files View
The Include Files view allows you to review the contents of a model into various include files.
Parts View
The Parts view displays the CAE part structure/hierarchy information that is typically present in the model file as metadata. Parts, Part Assemblies, and Part Sets are supported in HyperView. For additional details on the attributes shown for the entity, see the Parts View topic.
Assembly Hierarchy View
The Assembly Hierarchy View is a hierarchical listing of assemblies, sub-assemblies and components in the model.
Sets View
The Sets View is a hierarchical listing of sets and underlying components.