Filter Load Cases

The filter provides additional selection control including a name filter.
  1. Do one of the following:
    • Click the Loadcase tool.
      Figure 1.

    • Right-click in the Results Browser and select Create > Derived Load Case then a load case type.
    The Create/Edit Derived Load Case dialog is displayed.
  2. Click the Load case filter icon .
    The text box is activated.
  3. Enter a loadstep string and press Enter.
    Note: The loadstep string that is used for filtering is not case sensitive.
    Only the loadstep(s) that match the string are displayed in the tree structure.
    Tip: Enter * into the filter text box and press Enter to display all of the loadsteps/simulations in the tree structure.
  4. Once you done using the filter, close it by clicking the filter icon again.
    The entire tree structure is displayed.